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  • The centre circle shows the things we have direct control over. The next circle shows the things we are able to influence. The largest circle shows the things we have no control over - these things are external to our control.

    Locus of Control

      Locus of Control is the extent to which people believe they have power over their lives. This concept was developed by Julian Rotter in the [...]
  • Adaptive Workplace Solutions Locations

    Adaptive Workplace Solutions Locations

      Did you know that in addition to our permanent offices in South Plympton and Munno Para, Adaptive Workplace Solutions can provide [...]
  • Outline of person's head with glowing brain to represent the thinking process

    Unhelpful Thinking Styles

      A great overview of some of the most common unhelpful thinking styles. These patterns of thinking can lead to difficulties in many areas of [...]
  • Cass Hill demonstrating Sit stand desk and ergonomic work station

    Injury Prevention Within Our Team

      At Adaptive Workplace Solutions we take a pro-active approach to injury prevention within our team. We consider workplace health and [...]
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