Functional Capacity Evaluation

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a thorough assessment of an individual’s capacity for work-related activities. The evaluation uses standardised testing procedures to assess functional demands such as lifting and carrying capacity, aerobic fitness, and endurance for sustained postures.

In some cases an individual may require a standard full capacity test to aid in identifying suitable employment goals. In other cases, one or more potential employment goals may already be identified, in which case the FCE can be more tailored to test the specific physical demands of the identified roles.

Our FCEs are performed by a Physiotherapist qualified in the internationally recognised WorkHab FCE system. In some cases an individual will be required to be medically cleared by their doctor before they may undertake an FCE. After the evaluation a detailed report is written summarising the individual’s physical capacities and recommendations are provided regarding suitable duties and/or employment goals.

 A referral for FCE can be made when:

  •  an assessment is needed to determine the individual’s potential for work or to meet the physical demands of specific duties available to the individual, and
  • the required information is not available through other means.


“Mini” Functional Capacity Evaluation

In cases where employment goals are already identified, a “Mini” FCE may be appropriate. In this case the evaluator will design an assessment tailored to the duties required for the specific roles. Where the full standard FCE takes up to three hours, a mini-FCE takes up to one and a half hours. A detailed report will be provided with information about the individual’s capacity for the identified roles.


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