Vocational Counselling

The purpose of vocational counselling is to assist the client to come to terms with their change of employment goal and prepare the client for career transitioning.

It can be a confronting and confusing time for clients when their return to work goal is changed. Adaptive Workplace Solutions believes that most people who are not medically able to return to their previous work role would benefit from vocational counselling to assist with this transition.

Vocational Counselling incorporates:

  • counselling to assist people in coming to terms with the grief often involved with the loss of their pre-injury role;
  • assistance with coming to terms with the need to move forward despite their injury;
  • motivational interviewing to re-establish a positive mindset;
  • goal setting to determine future goals and strategies to achieve them within a realistic timeframe.

A referral for Vocational Counselling can be made when:

  • the return to work goal is new employment or a decision is made to change the return to work goal to new employer, and
  • the client requires support to accept the need for career transitioning.
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