Ergonomic Assessment

Our Ergonomic Assessments are designed to ensure that the desk and office environment are designed to fit the individual, rather than the individual trying to fit themselves to the environment. Our ergonomic assessors are trained in either Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy or Exercise Physiology, so have a strong clinical understanding of the tasks involved in an office environment, and the associated injury risks. Your assessor will seek to develop a deep understanding of your clinical history and work tasks to be able to assess your individual needs.

Your ergonomic assessor will work with you to identify the areas that can be improved in your office workstation, and to provide the best set-up for your body. Components that will be assessed include your chair, footrest (or suitability of a footrest), keyboard, mouse, monitor, phone, documents and any other components and tasks. Our assessors are continually updating their knowledge in ergonomic workstation design and equipment, as well as having extensive anecdotal experience in the equipment and adjustments that provide the best comfort and injury prevention.

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