Health Benefits of Good Work

Evidence suggests that long term work absence, work disability and unemployment have a negative impact on health and wellbeing. The importance of returning to work has been widely researched and agreed that it has overall benefit to both physical and mental health

The evidence shows that work may benefit an individual by:

  • Maintaining a positive and productive mindset;
  • Ensuring that some physical activity is undertaken on work days;
  • Providing a sense of community and social inclusion;
  • Allowing workers to feel that they are making a contribution to society and their family;
  • Giving structure to days and weeks;
  • Financial security such as retaining full earning capacity; and
  • Having a sense of security and stability.

The longer someone is off work, the less likely they are to return to work

The evidence demonstrates that:

  • Work is an important part of rehabilitation;
  • The longer someone is off work, the less chance they have of ever returning;
  • Most common health conditions will not be ‘cured’ by treatment;
  • Work is a therapeutic intervention, it is part of treatment;
  • Even when work is uncomfortable or difficult, it usually does not cause lasting damage;
  • Typically, waiting for recovery delays recovery;
  • Staying away from work may lead to depression, isolation and poorer health; and
  • Employer-supported, early return to work helps recovery, prevents de-conditioning and helps provide patients with appropriate social contacts and support mechanisms.

Adaptive Workplace Solutions can assist in developing a graduated return to work plan encompassing appropriate duties within medical capacity to maintain you in your employment.

For further information refer to the Health Benefits of Good Work developed by Royal Australian College of Physicians.

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