New Employment Services

When someone’s goal is changed to new employment, either with their pre-injury employer or with a new employer, the first question to ask relates to whether they are having difficulty adjusting to the new goal. Often people experience a sense of loss and grief associated with the change of goal and it can be quite difficult for people to process. If so, we would recommend Vocational Counselling (VC) to assist them in coming to terms with the loss of their previous occupation or role.

If they are coping well with the change of goal, or Vocational Counselling is complete, the next question is whether the person has clear employment goals to work towards. If not, we would recommend either a Suitable Employment Assessment (SEA) or Vocational Assessment (VA). The main difference between these two assessments is that VA includes cognitive skills and ability assessment. Both utilise detailed transferrable skills analysis and consideration of the client’s previous training, experience, skills and interests in addition to analysis of current labour market research trends to identify at least 3 possible new employment goals that are vocationally suitable for the individual. There are some other small differences in when an SEA or VA can be used, and we would encourage you to refer to the fee schedule and/or contact us for a discussion if it is unclear what would suit best.

Once the individual has clear employment goals, the next question to consider is whether they need to further develop their capacity for work. If so, a Fit for Work Service would be recommended. This service focuses on development of capacity through activities such as work placement trials or re-training if required.


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