Worksite Assessment (for psychological injuries)

The purpose of a worksite assessment is to assess the physical or psychological demands of the worker’s duties and their current functional capacity to ensure a safe and suitable return to work occurs. At Adaptive Workplace Solutions we specialise in providing worksite assessments for people who have had a psychological injury in the workplace, or who are returning to work after being diagnosed with a psychological condition.

Recommendations are provided to the worker during the assessment to assist them in identifying appropriate strategies to ensure a safe and sustainable return to work.  This assessment can also assist the employer and worker in identifying suitable duties and help us to develop the graduated return to work plan.

The worksite assessment report assists the treating doctor in determining capacity for work and helps treatment providers to develop a treatment plan in line with the return to work goals.

Our view is that a worksite assessment should become a primary document to assist all parties of the treatment team, employer, worker and return to work specialist in their communication.

A referral for a Worksite Assessment can be made when:

  • the employer is managing the return to work and requires one-off expert assistance, or
  • the worker’s treating doctor needs additional information about the worksite, or
  • the availability and/or suitability of duties needs to be ascertained, or
  • the worker’s supervisor and co-workers need assistance to understand recommended work restrictions and safe work methods, or
  • advice regarding workplace design, modification, or provision of equipment and appliances is required to assist in achieving or maintaining a durable return to work, or
  • where clarification is required regarding the suitability of the return to work goal being with the pre-injury employer.
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