Fit For Work Services

The purpose of fit for work services is to support the client in increasing their medically certified work capacity to their pre-injury hours (or as close as possible) in preparation for gaining suitable employment.

A fitness upgrade assessment is completed within the first three weeks of the service to ensure all relevant information is gathered and provided to the treating doctor to assist them to make an informed reassessment of the client’s medical capacity for work. If the client’s reassessed capacity is less than pre-injury hours, a plan is then developed to ensure that the client has opportunities to continue to build on their capacity for work. It frequently involves work placements for the client to gain experience and increase endurance as they increase their hours. It may also include training, motivational interviewing and skill development.

Regular case conferences are generally attended throughout the fit for work service to facilitate clear communication about the client’s progress and to organise a gradual increase in their medically certified work capacity.

A referral for Fit for Work Services can be made when:

  • the client’s return to work goal is new employer, or a decision is made to change the return to work goal to new employer, and one of the following:
    • when the client’s most recent work capacity certificate states they are unfit for work, or fit for less than full pre-injury hours;
    • when the client has previously completed a fit for work service, and circumstances have changed to the point where it is expected the service may now achieve an outcome;
    • when an increase in medically certified work capacity cannot reasonably be expected through other activities and services.
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