Suitable Employment Assessment

A Suitable Employment Assessment is utilised when a client needs assistance to identify suitable employment options. This assessment takes into account the client’s previous work and voluntary experience, academic achievement, transferrable skills and personal interests to develop employment options.

Labour market research is completed to ensure that all proposed job options are available at the point of assessment and are likely to be available in the forseeable future. Information is also gathered on required training and relevant pathways into each type of employment.

At Adaptive Workplace Solutions we typically deliver this service over two sessions, because we believe that this provides a more thorough approach. The first session consists of semi-structured interview and the follow up session allows us to provide feedback to the client and finalise potentially suitable employment options. Advice from medical treatment providers is also requested to ensure the options are medically suitable for the client.

A referral for a Suitable Employment Assessment can be made when:

    • the client has a partial work capacity and is not in suitable employment, and/or
    • the client has previously been referred to fit for work and/or job placement services and was unsuccessful in achieving new employment.
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