Career Coaching

Pathways of life and career are never straight forward, so our career coaching services are completely customisable to meet each person’s needs.

The service begins with a detailed initial assessment, and from this a recommended action plan is provided including a quotation for timeframes and cost of required services.

The career coaching service focuses on establishing a positive mindset, developing practical skills and enhancing each person’s sense of autonomy. Independent skills are developed which can then be applied by the participant well beyond the service period.

Career Coaching services will vary for each individual, but frequently include the following:

            • Goal setting to ensure that the service is focused on achieving the individual’s goals within a realistic timeframe.
            • Identification of suitable employment goals based on the person’s transferrable skills, qualifications, employment history and occupational interests.
            • Discussion with medical treatment providers to ensure that identified employment goals take into account any physical or psychological restrictions.
            • Identification of suitable pathways to achieve set employment goals. This may include training, volunteer work or job seeking preparation.
            • Assistance with the practical preparation for job seeking. This may include preparation of a new resume and cover letters in addition to assistance with learning how to use online job seeking platforms, application coaching and interview coaching and practice.

Our tailored approach ensures that time is used effectively and spent on the actions required to assist each person to move forward and achieve their goals.

For more information on Career Coaching and how it can be utilised to suit an individual’s specific situation, please contact us by phone or email to arrange a detailed discussion with one of our consultants who provides this service.

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